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The Ball [Oct. 25th, 2006|07:29 pm]
Elianna-Lyn Pepper
[iam |the hallways.]
[ifeel |determined]

So. I have a date to the ball. Lovely. Just need to buy any costume necessities and I'll be all set.


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Same Things [Oct. 20th, 2006|06:24 pm]
Elianna-Lyn Pepper
[iam |the dungeons]
[ifeel |apatheticapathetic]
[ihear |Slept So Long by Orgy]

I haven't found anything worth reading in a long while. Or anyone worth talking to. I highly doubt anything around here is worth the time that we take to look or speak to it. I just wish that there was something worth talking to and worth socialising with, because I haven't found anything. Life should speed up soon, because I can't bear having idle time in my Common Room or outside anymore.
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Not Unfeeling, It's The Truth [Aug. 26th, 2006|09:37 pm]
Elianna-Lyn Pepper
[iam |home.]
[ifeel |apatheticapathetic]
[ihear |Time to Dance by Panic! At The Disco]

Longbottom passed. Well, I can't properly say I'm sad for those who lost him - seeing as he was quite the clumsy bloke and all I knew of him was he liked plants. Not really something one can judge someone by, so I won't.

So. How is everyone else doing?
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