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Elianna-Lyn Pepper
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full name Elianna-Lyn Jessica Pepper
addressed as Elianna-Lyn
nicknames Eli, Anna, Lyn, Lynnie, Lia.
birthdate 16th march 1960
birthplace Fatimá, Portugal
mother {deceased} Leila-Ann Jiulia Martinez-Cortez
father {deceased} Alejandro Nico Cortez
brother Alejandro Nico Pepper
stepfather Zachary John Pepper
stepmother Katherine Jocelyn Marks-Pepper
hair blonde, long, straight.
eyes bluish-green and often outlined in eyeliner.
appearance Eli is slightly tall, slim, and filled out nicely. She was sorted into Hufflepuff mostly on her quietness, but she can sometimes be an audacious person when she has known someone for very long. She is very pretty and is sort of subtle about it at times. Other times, she acts as if she never knew she was pretty.
personality just because Elianna is quiet, it doesn't mean she is as mellow and calm as others in her house. She is, on the other hand, quite rambunctious and troublesome when she wants to be. She is a kind and passionate person who knows how to have a good time and likes being around guys. It's not that she's obssessed or anything - she can't seem to shake them because of her looks.
strengths charms, potions, transfiguring anything, memorisation.
weaknesses escapist, vague, simplicity, lack of sequencing (she's easily mixed up), idealistic, easily deceived, secretive.
history Elianna-Lyn Jessica Cortez was born in Fatimá, Portugal to happy, minimum-wage, late teenage parents, Alejandro and Leila-Ann Cortez. Alejandro being eighteen at the time of Elianna's birth and Leila-Ann being sixteen made raising the little girl a bit of a hardship. They possessed wizarding powers, making Elianna-Lyn a half-blood through many forced marriages and traces through ancestral lineage. Two years after Elianna-Lyn's birth, Leila-Anna gave birth to another young boy, whom she named precisely after his father. Alejandro and Elianna-Lyn soon became orphans. War had struck in wizarding Portugal and Alejandro had fled with Leila-Ann. However, as soon as Leila-Ann's parents found she had fled the town, they had sought to have their eighteen year old daughter killed. They had captured her and executed her back in a town close to Fatimá. Grieved and pained, Alejandro began the long journey of floo and apparition with no family left of him beside his little son and his daughter. By the time Elianna became four and little Alejandro became two, their father fell ill when he had reached Germany. The weather had begun getting cold and Cortez died there, leaving Elianna and Alejandro as orphans. The same city, Berlin, was the ski vacationing trip of Zachary and Katherine Pepper, an early thirties English couple. Once they spotted the two babies, they immediately sought to find their parents. Elianna, who could talk, told Katherine that her mother had been dead long ago and her father recently died. Katherine and Zachary adopted the two of them and brought them back to their home in Wiltshire, England. Elianna and Alejandro got along well with Katherine, but Zachary began to share a sort of hatred to Elianna-Lyn when she was young and started going to Hogwarts, which she exhibits back and is reprimanded over. It is a slightly abusive relationship between them, which drove Elianna-Lyn, at an age of 15, to not show up at home for summer, but at times of night or in the middle of the day to check in with her mother.
secrets Elianna-Lyn was given the ring that her mother wore that was given to her by her father, but she stole the one that her father wore and gave it to her brother after he died. She sometimes wishes she had been a boy. She thinks that if her father had died in Portugal and their mother had to run with them, she would have still been alive.

house/year hufflepuff. seventh year.
extra-curriculars none.
best classes charms, potions, transfiguration, herbology.
worst classes defense against the dark arts (because she's often moody in the atmosphere of the classroom)
alliance none.

"angerl lies within the girl who always said she liked your hair."
"you can chose your friends, but not your family. but you can kill them."
"when someone asks why you're crying, you can tell them that it's just water vapor condensing in your eyes and that's just uncomfortable."
"the course of true love never did run smooth."
"how came her eyes so bright? not with salt tears. if so, my eyes are oft'ner washed than hers."
"whatsoever is said; i remain out of grace even though i am companied with you often."
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